Confession Odinist-Asatru has been recognized in Spain



It is a pleasure for me to announce to the whole world that has been officially recognized by the Spanish State confession ODINISTA-ASATRU for me personally is a key moment, is the conclusion of a journey that began in 1981-recently saw these folders decian: "legalization of the association odinista" -.

It has been 26 years since we began to walk the path, is personally gratifying to see that a person can achieve something over the years and his unwavering faith permace so long. I want this to be an example for all our youth for the youth of the future. Now we live in times when we expect the immediate future, we hope to see results ràpidos, almost exactly behind our actions and we do not realise that every time you need a seed to germinate ...

And each seed germinates just your time, you may be asleep for a period, but that is only latent ... hence the strength of the Gods that we throw our fate as the large Arminio, Querusco; or Conversely if it is not necessary grandeur, remains mired in mediocrity of the estate.

I want to thank you, all of you, essentials collaborators of this fact, without whom this would not have been possible.

But that, despite being an achievement mine is not for me, it is my contribution to my people, that I was born and that I should return when my soul leaves my body is a source of pride for me and for my having obtained all this Hamingia, dedicated to my kids, to all of you and to my people that I apply.

Brothers, this is only the first step, don’t think that achievement because it is important and definitive, it's just proof that the gods are with us, that Tiwaz to topple again to Odin on the throne supreme, and although Odinismo-Asatru is already the name of our religion, Tiwaz is the regent our God, the God of justice, legality and the War

Háils Tiwaz!
Háils Odin!

The Government has recognized us as Religion, the same level as Christianity, Islam and Judaism, in fact, the advisory committee voted favorably in its resolution.

When we decide legalize our religion, ministry told us that we had to legalize the first confession, since there was no legalized, that is what we have done, and is called Confession:


We are the fourth country in Europe and the first in Latin root that is recognized by the government-Odinismo Asatru

Therefore, we already have the legal capacity to perform marriages, funerals and other rites. Work ahead is immense ...

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Comunidad Odinista de España-Asatru 2007-2008